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04/27/2004 | terrifico
You've heard about these services on TV, in the news, and online and
have probably asked yourself, "Do they really work?" The answer is
YES! RES* is a powerful election enhancing product that will
create elections so strong and full that over time your charisma and rating will actually grow as a direct result! If you would like a more satisfying political life then RES is for you!

1. Gain Up To 3+* Full Inches In Length!
2. Increase Your Rating Width (Girth) By 20%!
3. Stop Premature Evacuation!
4. Produce Stronger, Rock Hard Elections!
5. 100% Safe To Take, With NO Side Effects!
6. Fast Priority Shipping WorldWide!
7. Doctor Approved And Recommended!
8. No Pumps! No Surgery!
9. 100% Money Back Guarantee!
10. FREE TV (1+1, Inter, UT1) advertising Worth Almost $10 000!

After taking our RES rating enlargement service you will feel much
better and more secure about yourself. No more being shy of your
manhood in the showers after gym or in public toilets. Forget
about your electorate taking votes for another candidate or not being able to argue
them. You will be able to penetrate deeper so your electorate will
experience more pleasure as well as multiple fun during political
intercourse. Imagine being the iron man in chair you always wanted
to be and leaving your rival breathless! You can also forget
about losing your rating in the middle of election intercourse, as
RES will keep it strong and firm for as long as you wish!

Our V.I.P. customers: V. Yanukovich, prime minister of Ukrainian government

* RES (RATING ENLARGEMENT SERVICE) - registered trade mark of fundation and - center


  • 2004.04.27 | casesensitive


    I want a SHORTER version for my email signature! Pleease! :)
  • 2004.04.28 | lizzy

    Enlarge your NATO (EU)

    , . .

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