Boyd Rice, Mr. Intolerance

05/13/2004 |
Boyd Rice, Mr. Intolerance.
from Hatesville album
by Boyd Rice Experience.

I'm not a tolerant person.
In fact, I get more intolerant by the day.
I just find it more and more difficult to tolerate the
assholes. As my tolerance decreases, their numbers seem
to increase. Every day there's more and more of them,
and every day I have less and less patience.

These days everyone has a sad
story, and frankly, I don't care.
That's no excuse for being an asshole.

We're living in the age of the
excuse, we're living in the age of the asshole.
They're everywhere. They come in all shapes,
all sizes, all colors. There're black assholes,
white assholes, women assholes, man assholes,
queer assholes, straight assholes, smart assholes,
stupid assholes, suburban assholes, inner-city
assholes, hobos assholes, upwardly mobile
assholes, lazy assholes, incompetent asshoples,
sloppy assholes, anal assholes, and so it goes,
ad nauseam.

Why should I tolerate any of them?
Why should I tolerate anything I don't care for, for
any length of time? Why should I pretend it's OK?
I don't like the assholes. Don't like talking of them, don't
like talking about them. Don't like knowing them, don't
like knowing about them. Or their thoughts. Or their deeds.

Assholes are like bad ideas, you let even a single one
into your life, it can begin to ruin things. It can
destroy what's good, and foster much that's bad.
Why tolerate that?

Tolerance was a virtue once, no more.
Perhaps Goethe has said it best:
That what disturbs your soul,
you must not suffer.

Remember that when it seems that the assholes are hard at
work to disturb YOUR soul 24 hours a day.

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