Address to Mr. John Herbst, the US Ambassador to the Ukraine

07/23/2004 | ,
To His Excellency

Mr. John Herbst,
The US Envoy Extraordinary and
Plenipotentiary to the Ukraine

Dear Sir:

On July 11, 2004, I heard your interview at the Radio Liberty Ukrainian Service. I think it to have been a usual speech of a diplomatist - passing-over and non-committal. But one of the questions listeners asked you was too serious to answer it in such a manner. A listener asked you whether a person having any criminal sentence could become a President of the United States of America or not. He asked it because such a cause may occur in some country As the famous Russian poet Fedor Tyutchev said we have not given to foresee how a word having been said by us will echo to us
So I believe one before a criminal threat for a country mustn`t prevaricate.
I would also like to inform you that already several times I haven`t been accepted as a collocutor into Talk to America in Russian VOA program though I beforehand asked them of it by E-mail, and there were no reasons to refuse me to. The themes considered were quite serious, and I did have what to say. I can suppose some VOA employees want to pretend more clever than their listeners And by such a way I haven`t got a possibility to express the American people my condolences in cases of President Reagan death and Paul Hlebnikov murder.

So sincerely yours
Yakov Laut.

Ukraine, 61045, Kharkov city-45, ul. Malo-Djankoyskaya #8, kv.4.
Tel. 38(0572) 925310 (evening) or 38(0572) 329123 (evening).


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