Aktsiia - Famine of Despair na prestyzhnomu HistoryChannel

02/13/2006 | xenyka

Aktsiia - Famine of Despair na prestyzhnomu HistoryChannel

Proponuiu pryiednatysia do bombarduvannia HistoryChannel.com z vymohohoiu pokazaty dokumental'nyi fil'm pro Holodomor, iakyi zabrav 7 000 000 Ukraiins'kykh zhyttiv u tsentri Ievropy.

Shcho: Pryiednuiu zrazok/kopiiu lysta nyzhche, anhliis'koiu.

De: Idemo do:

vybyraiemo druhu linku, "Submit a question". U novomu vikonechku - zapovniuiemo Imia, misto, shtat - vybyraite doskhochu, na zhal' kraiiny ne proponuiut', Vasha email adresa, ta kudy Vy dumaiete tema nalezhyt'. Ia vybrala "Modern Warfare", mozhna "Other". Khocha 'other' ne zvuchyt'.
Os', i vstavliaiete kopiiu nyzhche navedenoho lysta abo svii variant/vymohu.

Dodaiete Vashe imia v kintsi, pislia "Sincerely,"
Mozhna zaminyty datu na pochatku, February 12, 2006
Pryslivia pislia Vashoho imeni mozhete vkliuchaty/ne vkliuchaty iak podobaiet'sia.

Diakuiu za pidtrymku/spivpratsiu. Ksenia


February 12, 2006

Dear History Channel:

I respect your mission to educate Americans and the world about important events in the world history. I have watched some of movies/documentaries about the World War I, World War II, and the Civil War, as well as history of technological and science developments.

One topic is constantly missing from your schedule - Man-made Famine 1932/1933 in Ukraine. The Famine, acknowledged to have been a Genocide only lately/in the 1990ies, claimed 7 000 000/seven million Ukrainian lives in the center of geographical Europe.

I ask you to show the documentary of Slavko Novytsky in your program. Description of the documentary is available from:
Harvest of Despair: The 1932-33 Famine in Ukraine. Director: Slavko Novytski, Producers Yuri Luhovy and S. Novytski. The documentary/movie was produced in Canada in 1984.

I have found the following link leading to the movie/documentary:
International Historic Films

A short introduction to the event/summary is available from infamous author Andrew Gregorovich:

Here is the webpage devoted to Great Famine 1933, also called Holocost 33 or Holodomor in Ukrainian:

The world wide web abounds with links and descriptions of the Holodomor/Holocost 1932/1933. Authors in Internet present different opinions. I am eager to hear your voice.


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