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Итальянский фотограф просит о помощи

04/19/2008 | Wrangler
Итальянский фотограф хочет сделать в Крыму фотосессию о жизни крымских татар. Ему нужен гид и переводчик на неделю (судя по всему, на добровольных началах). Ниже его письмо:

my name is Simone Donati and I am a photographer from Italy. My work
focuses about social issues around the world and is distributed in
the press in Italy and abroad.
I'm writing in regards to a photographic project I would like to
develop about the Crimean Tatars. I feel the situation they're facing
in the Crimean peninsula is not enough present in the news and needs
more attention by the media.
I'm planning a trip to Ukraine in July/August and I was wondering if
you could help me in finding some contacts in the area that could
show me around the various places where the Crimean Tatars live. I'm
looking for a guide/translator that knows the area and that will be
willing to spend some time with me around the region. My idea is to
document the daily life of the Tatars and would like to spend about a
week there.
Do you think yoou can help me in some ways? Anything you can do I'll
really appreciate it.
Thanks a lot for your time, hope to hear from you soon,
all the best,

Simone Donati
TerraProject Photographers
Represented by Grazia Neri Photo Agency

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  • 2008.04.19 | Званый гость

    Re: Итальянский фотограф просит о помощи

    Хай платит - организуем все на высшем уровне!:-)
    згорнути/розгорнути гілку відповідей
    • 2008.04.19 | Сергей ГРУЗДОВ

      Re: Итальянский фотограф просит о помощи

      Кры-ы-ы-ы-м! :))))

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